True rattlesnake experts at your service

Rattlesnake Solutions provides expert snake prevention and removal to the the Tucson metro area and throughout all of Arizona. We have safely relocated thousands of rattlesnakes and with Tucson Snake Fence, have expanded to Southern Arizona to bring our expertise at snake fence installation to where it is needed most.

Rattlesnake Solutions was founded in 2010 by Bryan Hughes as a way to fund field herpetology expeditions to find, photograph, and study wild snakes. Since then, we have had tremendous success with our simple philosophy of treating rattlesnakes as wildlife, not pests.

We were the kids in the neighborhood that flipped boards looking for gartersnakes, and checked out every book in the library about dinosaurs and wildlife. Now we’re professionals, students, researchers, photographers, wildlife experts, outdoorsmen, and a wide variety of people who come together under a life-long desire to help people and animals live in peace.


Knowledge > Fear

In addition to removal and prevention services, Rattlesnake Solutions provides education and training to groups and home owners associations all over Arizona. Our goal is to try and dissolve the mythology around one of the world’s most misunderstood and vilified groups of animals, and keep both people and animals safe from the one thing that makes most harmless situations become dangerous: fear and misinformation.


Have you seen a snake? Do you want to know what it is?

Send an email to or text a photo to 480-694-3020, and we’ll tell you what it is and anything you want to know about it. This is absolutely free of course – seriously, we just like to see snakes and share experiences, and passing on some information is a lot of fun. Even if you’ve just seen a snake while out hiking, and don’t have a picture, feel free to describe it anyway and we’ll do our best to identify it for you.