24/7 Immediate Snake Removal for the Tucson area

Rattlesnake Solutions provides rattlesnake removal and snake control services in the Tucson area. Even if your property is protected by a snake fence, the occasional rattlesnake may wander to to unprotected areas and will need to be relocated.

If you see a snake:

  1. Call Rattlesnake Solutions at 520-308-6211
  2. Keep an eye on the snake. They often try and hide as soon as they feel it is safe.
  3. Wait until the Rattlesnake Solutions field agent arrives.

100% humane, safe, and expertly handled snake removal services in Tucson and Surrounding Areas

We never harm a snake. Any snake that is captured is handled gently and relocated under Arizona Game and Fish guidelines to suitable habitat where the snake will hopefully not come into future contact with any people. We have handled thousands of snake rescue cases in Arizona and understand how to quickly and safely resolve any snake related situation on your property.

Keep the snakes from coming back

We like to say that snakes are the symptom, not the problem. Rattlesnakes, like all animals, are attracted to places where they can get food, water, and shelter. If your property offers any of these, then it is a place that snakes will want to be. Of course some situations are more attractive than others, and Rattlesnake Solutions can tell you exactly what you can to do reduce your chances of ever seeing another snake. From thousands of successful cases of removing snakes from the yards of home owners all around Arizona and countless hours of field research into wild rattlesnake behavior, we know how to identify possible problem areas and offer recommendations on how it can be fixed.